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Haiti -Financial Education
Mexico, Textile Workers Well-Being
Suriname - MicroFranchising
Guatemala, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic - Impact Evaluation

Change Architects in Romania


Nowadays, young people in Romania come upon numerous challenges. According to the  European Commission over 46% of youths are at risk of poverty and social exclusion, percentage higher than the national average (37%). The educational system was not able to attract, prepare and maintain high-performance educators and couldn’t provide the students with access to practical, life context and authentic skills.


To address these complex challenges, young people need to become changemakers. Youth have the capacity to address socio-economic challenges if they are inspired and encouraged to pursue their dreams. We are building a program to work with Teachers, students, and professionals to help the kids become the changemakers of tomorrow.


  • Project name: Change Architects

  • Partners: Association All Grow

  • Period: 2016 - on-going    



Microfranchising Model Design in Suriname


The Microfranchising Project in Suriname entailed the creation of Authorized Service Workshops (ASW) to work as micro-franchisees retailing Yamaha Units, spare parts and after sales services in coastal and rural communities in Suriname. Through bringing these services closer to the client, the ASW owners can eliminate costs incurred by clients when traveling to Paramaribo to repair the engine, and reduce the wait time for receiving repairs and spare parts. As part of New Development Experience (NDE) team the AllGrow founders helped in designing the micro franchising model as well conducted site visits and evaluation with all the stakeholders. The project is part of Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Sustainable Microenterprises in Rural Communities in Suriname through Microfranchising. Read more here.


  • Project name: Authorized Service Workshops

  • Partners: Datsun Suriname, NDE, Yamaha, IDB, SFOB

  • Period: 2015-2016

Workers Wellbeing in Turkey, Egypt, and Mexico



As part of replicating Levi Strauss and Co. program of Improving Workers wellbeing in Turkey, the leadership team was invited to map the NGO environment in Turkey and to engage with NGOs in order to identify potential partners for the textile company and LSF for implementing social engagement program for the workers. The project included organizing focus groups with the workers and mediating the conversations and engagements between different parties. Read more here.   


  • Project name: Improving Workers Well-Being, Turkey

  • Partners: LSF, Taypa, AI  

  • Period: 2015 - 2016    


Impact Evaluation System in Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Ecuador & Haiti


Empowerment Metrics Project included the design of a theoretical framework to define Community Enterprise Solutions impact in terms of empowerment. The application of the sophisticated system of metrics and indicators helped to determine if the organization is achieving its intended goals in these countries and to collect data necessary to make decisions about the future of the projects. As part of CES team, Allgrow founders supported the development and testing of a new model to evaluate socio-economic impact, applicable to all countries in which CES has ongoing operations: Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Haiti.


  • Project: Empowerment Metrics Project

  • Partners: CES, Social Entrepreneur Corps

  • Period: 2015   

turkey, Mexico, Egypt

Family Wellbeing  and Financial Literacy in Haiti


The Financial Literacy Program is part Levi Strauss Foundation (LSF) and LS&Co. program for Improving workers well-being.  The program aims to increase textile workers’ understanding of key financial topics, and encourage them to increase savings and better allocate household expenses. Further  the program impacts the community and the workers by creating access products which generate savings such as solar lamps, water filters, etc.. Based on an external evaluation it was determined that  91% of the course participants said their opinion about their employer improved as a result of the course. The project was implemented by Community Enterprise Solutions (CES) and AllGrow founders were contracted to implement and monitor this program among other projects. Read more here.


  • Project name: Improving Workers Well-Being, Haiti

  • Partners: LSF, Columbia, CODEVI/GrupoM,CES SolKomYo,

  • Period: 2012-2016

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